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Established in 2021, Curethco was founded to inspire you to take care of your health with accessible and effective teas that support your well-being.

We know that life lends to the chaotic way too often; that’s why we created our wellness teas to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and make it easy to practice healthy habits every day.

Our Story

Our story begins with the strongest bond of all – a mother’s love.

Growing up, our founder Shelsee Joseph was frequently sick, afflicted with fevers, aches, and pains that seemed to arrive out of nowhere. Yet, when things looked and felt bleak, her mother, an immigrant from Haiti, remained a warm, comforting presence. Through every bout of sickness that Shelsee suffered from, her mother sacrificed her time and energy to nurse her back to health.

Shelsee eventually overcame her condition; her younger self liked to believe it was her mother’s love that cured her. Even now, she still believes that sentiment holds true, even if just a little bit.

Inspired by her mother’s selflessness, Shelsee wanted to extend her generosity by creating something to help others restore their health, just as her mother did for her. This marked the beginning of Curethco

Trustworthy Tea

It’s no secret that how we feel on the inside reflects on the outside; our founder was familiar with this experience all too well. As a result, Curethco aims to reinforce the long-term mental and physical health benefits of holistic care.

Packed with nutrients and healing properties, our teas help cleanse your body, eliminating any toxins and improving digestion. In addition, we conduct extensive research to ensure you receive the best of the best. So, whether you want to achieve a healthy weight, heal your gut, or simply prioritize yourself, Curethco has you covered.

A One Track Mind

Unlike other brands that stretch themselves thin trying to master multiple things at once, Curethco believes that the only way to succeed is to find a niche. So we dove into our specialty of crafting loose-leaf teas made from natural ingredients that yield countless benefits and deliver transformative results.

This model allows us to develop potent recipes unlike anything else on the market. Additionally, our straightforward approach removes the guesswork from the process, saving you time and money to spend doing what you love.

Our Vision

At Curethco, we aim to support your health and boost your confidence with high-quality detox teas crafted with intention.